It is perfectly natural that you want a pet pal with the best qualities and also you want to know the potential issues. The main issues in a pet will be its hyperactive condition puppy stage, aggressiveness and breed-related problems. Some think that Goldendoodles are aggressive and keep asking questions like, are they aggressive? when do Goldendoodles calm down? Now let’s go through the answers.

When do Goldendoodles calm down?

The answer is quite simple. Goldendoodles start to calm down when once they reach 1-1.5 years (12-18 months). But for some dogs, it will take one or more additional years to reach their maturity. There won’t be drastic changes, but its energetic behavior will last until it reaches the adult phase. [3]

They start to lose puppy teeth once they reach 6-8 months. But don’t get excited so soon! However, things will get better and calmer in the Goldendoodle with age and development.

When do Goldendoodles calm down

First, get an understanding of how your puppy reaches its maturity with time.

Personality aging Stages of Goldendoodle

  • Puppy Stage (Has high energy and relentless)
  • Adult Stage (Has high energy, but it is gradually diminishing)
  • Senior stage (calmer and more restful)

The highest level of energy in the puppy stage can make your little Goldendoodle restless, overexcited, and frantic. And also, you will have to tolerate your pet’s super curiosity and plenty of licking. [4]

But most of the behaviors will only occur in the puppy stage and a large period of his life will be spent on the adult stage. No doubt, that would be a great relief for you.

Keep in mind that just the transformation from the puppy stage to the adult stage will not be the perfect solution for a highly active Goldendoodle. Of course, some of the exciting behaviors may still continue.But with the proper training and socialization, you can manage this.

Tips to deal with Hyperactive Goldendoodle puppy

The main reason for the crazy behavior of golden doodles is their overexcitement. The tips you should follow include the things to prevent their over-excitement [3], [4],[7].[8]

Use toys

Playing with sticks is a classic game you can do with overreactive doodles. Chew toys made of rubber would also be a good option. But that won’t be enough. Use some specialized tools too.

These toys give intellectual stimulation reducing their overreaction and making them calmer. Barking and overstressed behaviors will be reduced. Boredom hurts your pet’s feelings. So, make sure to keep him happy.

When do Goldendoodles calm down

Scent Training

Nose work (scent training) is a great time past activity for Goldendoodles. It will give them physical and mental exercise. You can perform this indoor very easily and the pet’s concentration and focus will be improved in this way while enhancing calmness.

Simply start it like this. Play hide and seek, making the doodle’s favorite treats “hides”. When he found it reward with extra treats. With time start to hide them in boxes or any suitable covers. Gradually train him to identify scents and make the training as creative as you like!

When do Goldendoodles calm down

Sniffing make the Goldendoodle mentally and physically tired. This will help to reduce their extra crazy energy.

Stop rewarding the excited behavior

Although you are excited about your pet, do not encourage his overexcited behavior. Because he will start to repeat it when you are responding. Once you start ignoring the behavior, it will gradually bring their energy level down and calm them.

Besides you can train your pet to be calm during playing too. Play for several minutes and be calm for a few additional minutes. By this, he starts to learn the difference between play and being calm.

Do dog walking or get help

Dog walking is an excellent option to calm down your Goldendoodle and buildup a companionship between you and your dog. But if you are busy with work consider getting the help of a dog walker. As this is an easy task these days, you won’t have much problem with that. And also, you can use your saved energy to calm down your doodle further ,once you have free time. [5]

Be Calm

Dogs can sense our stress. When we are stressed dogs become anxious. This will facilitate their over-excitement and crazy behavior. Then we become stressed as a result. So, the cycle continues.

As humans, we have more advanced minds than animals. Practice being relaxed around your pet, so that it will help to develop his patience too. More importantly, you should develop a better relationship and companionship between you and your pet to prevent further problems.

Can Goldendoodles be aggressive?

The answer is “No”. Generally, they are known for their lovely, friendly, and playful nature but not aggressiveness. However, rarely aggressive signs may occur under specific circumstances, insufficient training, and socialization. In addition, pain, fear, and frustration can facilitate aggressive behavior in any dog irrespective of his good qualities.[1],[6]

When do Goldendoodles calm down

Canine aggression is also a condition that comes under the aggressive category, triggered by various conditions There’s no doubt if they show an aggressive sign, you can definitely handle gentle- nature Goldendoodles with patience and training.

Let’s get into the facts on the types of dog aggression problems Goldendoodles may face. This will help you to deal with the pet easier.


This is the kind of aggression your pet will show around the food he eats. He may growl or bite when another person or a dog comes near his food. Sometimes this can happen with toys and doggie treats too.

Towards people

It is normal that your dog barking at a stranger. But being aggressive and barking is different. If your pet is Lip lifting, snapping growling, and biting, they are some aggressive signs. This condition is quite difficult to cure, but you can manage it with professional help.

Toward Other Dogs

It is kind of common that dogs to bark at strange dogs. Or sometimes they are aggressive towards other dogs they have known for their lifetime. Although it is a normal phenomenon, will lead to a problem in a family with more than one dog.

Toward Family Members

Once you start living with your pet, it becomes one of your loved family members. Having a pet aggressive towards you and your family members will be a frustrating and dangerous situation.

If your pet shows anger, fear, dominance towards your family members, it is a sign of aggressiveness.

So, it’s your responsibility to train your dog. Following the right steps will turn your Goldendoodle into a lovely pet.

Socialization and training are excellent options to preventing your lovely Goldendoodle from becoming an aggressive pet. Making puppies live around well-mannered dogs helps them to develop their behavior. [8]

Goldendoodles are sensitive dogs. Therefore, punishing or yelling at them won’t do any good. It will rather develop their aggressive behavior. Use their lovely, friendly nature to lead them to a better path. The positive reinforcement training will give better results for your lovely pet!










The Bottom Line

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