Snapchat is one of the most famous social media platforms. Instead of a stereotype instant messaging app, Snapchat brings more funny features probing their name Snapchat is valid. Snapchat app is a very well designed app but every app has bugs. Some users complain Snapchat stuck on sending.

Network Problems

Before you blame Snapchat make sure your network is fine. In most cases, Snapchat stuck on sending because of poor internet connection. You can run an ookla speed test to see how your internet connection performance. If it shows a very lower speed or you couldn’t run it at all then your connection may have a problem.

How to solve Network Problems

You can follow our instructions.

If you are on mobile data, try it with wi-fi

Mobile broadband connections are very fast nowadays but sometimes they are unstable. Some devices restrict mobile data for apps to save power. Check your power options. If you see something about restricting mobile data please change the power option to a higher profile and see if Snapchat now working.

Reconnect your device

Sometimes network connections problem occur because of device connectivity issues. In those cases reconnecting the device will solve the problem. It is simple. Turn of wi-fi, wait a minute, and on wi=fi again. The same goes for mobile data. If it doesn’t work, reset network settings. We cannot tell you how to do that because depending on the device you have it changed. In most cases, you will find an option in settings.

Restart the router

You may have already done it sometimes. It solves many connection issues. You can reboot your router by login into it in the browser or use their mobile app or whatever control you have. After you do that still network has issues try to factory reset the router and check again.

Contact you ISP

If all the above solutions didn’t work, contact your ISP and say about the issues you face. If they couldn’t do anything, change your ISP. But before that, you should make sure this is not an issue on the software side. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of money.

Bugs in the Snapchat app

It is very hard to develop a bug-free app. Developers have to build an app for various devices with various hardware. Also for different operating systems. So always some issues are expected. But you can do few steps to avoid many of those.

Close the app and open it again.

This is the basic step. This is good for fixing crashes in the apps.  Outrunning system resources or errors in the codes can cause crashes. Restarting the app will solve it unless it’s an error in codes.

Reset the app.

Still Snapchat is stuck stuck on sending. You can reset an app easily.

For Android,

  1. Go to settings.
  2. In settings tap on Apps.
  3. Now you can see all installed apps on your device. Click on Snapchat.
  4. There are two clear options. Clear cache and clear app data. You can try clear cache but it won’t reset the app. To do it select clear data.
  5. Now you can open Snapchat as the first time launch.

Reinstall the app

If some error in the program data of Snapchat. This will solve it.

  1. Tough and hold on to the Snapchat app.
  2. Select uninstall.
  3. Select Yes in the poped up tab.
  4. After the app is successfully uninstalled open google play.
  5. Install Snapchat again.

Reset the device

This is the last step to do if previous ones didn’t work. We know many people don’t like this option and it’s fair. But you can create a backup and do this without losing any of your files.

How to avoid bugs and crashes in apps

Keep apps and operating system up to date

This is a very arguable topic. Many people won’t agree with me. Yes, most of the time updates come with bugs. But they are solving them quickly in the next update.

Updating your software is very important. We live in an online world much time. Security updates save you from the treats. They bring new features and remove unwanted features. Apps like Snapchat works with cloud servers and the internet. So outdated versions of the app can get you in trouble.

I don’t say you to update apps impediment. You can take some time and make sure it comes with bugs or not.

Don’t install incompatible apps

And install apps that can work with your hardware. Incompatible apps cause crashes. If you must run an app that incompatible with your device, I advise you to get a compatible device.

Don’t install apps from unknown sources

Creating a commonplace to download software is one of the best things smartphones did. You can install android apps from the play store and iOS apps from AppStore. Other companies like Samsung and Huawei have their stores but they are not very famous and they haven’t a massive app collection like google play or AppStore.

Still, some people download apk(a file name for android setups like exe for windows). They have a lot of reasons like they want previous versions some of them are priced apps but they pirate those. These apk providers can have to change the source code and make it like a virus or malware. So I recommend only download using the play store.

Alternatives for Snapchat


Whatsapp is the most famous instant messaging service in the world. Simple and beautiful Interface. Helpful and funny features in the chat. Group chats. Voice calls video calls and many other features make it a great platform. Whatsapp has a status option. It is similar to Snapchat’s stories.


If you are most concerned about privacy, Signal is the best instant messaging service you can get.

We cannot provide one solution for the stuck-on sending issue. But we have told you step by step how to troubleshoot it and get rid of issues. I hope you got those.

I hope this article helps you. See here for more technical stuff