A nice little technology tip coming to you today. We’re going to have a look at how to mirror or flip images in Google Docs. Google Docs has become popular very quickly. Many creators use it. This can be used for lots of creative purposes but let’s have a look at how to mirror an image in Google Docs. 

I assumed you know the basics of Google docs so I don’t explain them step by step but quickly. You should have a Google document open now and have titled it. So, that you can keep track of it in your Google Drive. You can insert whatever image you like by below steps. 

  1. Click insert in the upside bar. 
  2. Then you have to select an image (the 1st option) 
  3. Select how do you want to add the image. If it is on your computer’s storage select upload from the computer. 
  4. Now browse and select your preferred image. 
  5. Click open 

Now you have uploaded it into the Google doc. If you click on it, you can see 8 anchor points on the edge of the image. These anchor points can be used to resize the image. There is another point above the top anchor point. By click and holding, you can rotate the image. Press ship while you rotating so you can turn it by 450.  

How to mirror an image in Google docs? 

There is no native way to get this done. I’ve told you all the things that we can do with this. We can warp it or we can make it larger or smaller by taking one of these corner anchor points. Or again we can sort of flip it upside down if we want to. In fact, cannot do directly mirroring. So how to mirror an image in Google docs? Google does offer another application called Google draw and you can mirror images directly in Google drawing. But they have also inserted that into Google Docs to provide you a way to do it within a Google document.  

  1. You need to select the drawing option first. It is on the insert menu. 
  2. You can create a new drawing or add a drawing already on Google drive. 
  3. In the drawing, the tab selects the image icon. 
  4. Now you can add an image from a computer just like before or add it by other sources. 
  5. Once you uploaded the image into the drawing, click on the image. 
  6. Now you can see some options available in the above icon bar. Select Actions top left corner.  
  7. You can see many options now but select Rotate 
  8. In the rotate menu, you see vertical flip and horizontal flip. Select flip horizontally. 

Now you have successfully mirrored the image. But there is another way to do that and it will take only a few seconds. 

  1. Follow steps 1 – 4. 
  2. Now click the right middle anchor and draw it to the left side. 
  3. Adjust the margins, 

If you follow this method be careful about margins. 

Mirror texts 

How to flip/mirror text in a document Like mirroring images you can mirror texts. Flipping refers to mirroring. Vertical flipping means up and down reverse and horizontal flip means left and right flipping. Text mirroring can be done in most doc software like MS Word. Here we tell you how to do it with google docs. 

  1. Open the Google document. 
  2. Highlight the texts you want to flip by dragging the curser. 
  3. Now press ctrl + v or command + v on mac to cut the text or you can right-click and select cut. 
  4. Click on Insert on the top. 
  5. Select drawings. 
  6. Create a new drawing. 
  7. Copy your text to a new drawing by pressing ctrl + v or command + v on mac. 
  8. Now you can mirror text like mirror images. 

Please no you can only mirror vertically. If you want to flip horizontally then you have to use word art. 

Do this on your mobile 

If you don’t have a computer or you want to do this on your mobile phone, you can do this. But there is no option to mirror an image on the google docs app on both android and iOS. But you can do it on the browser. 

  1. Open the browser you like to use. 
  2. Enable desktop site mode 

On crome select three dots on the top and you can see the option in the list. Other browsers have similar methods. 

  1. Now you can go to google docs (docs.google.com) 

Now you are on the desktop site. So forget about your device and follow the steps for desktops. You can do it like on a computer.  

Apps for those who don’t think this method difficult 

Some people find out mirroring imaged on google is a bit difficult. But you have many other ways to mirror an image. How to mirror an image on iPhone? Download the below apps and it will easy 

Photos app in iOS 

This app comes default with your iPhone.  

  1. Open photos 
  2. Select your photo 
  3. Click edit on the top right corner. 
  4. Click crop. I think you familiar with the icon. 
  5. Now on the top right corner, you can see two triangles. That the flip option. You can mirror your image by clicking it. 

Photoshop express 

Photoshop express app comes to both android and iOS. You can download it from google play or the app store. Photoshop Express provides a collection of valuable services. Using it you can mirror images as below. 

  1. Open the photoshop express app. 
  2. Now you have to select the photo you want to mirror. The app shows all photos by default but you can change it by taping on all photos. 
  3. After the photo is loaded, tap on the editing top left. 
  4. Tap on the crop icon at the bottom. 
  5. Now tap the rotate icon in the middle. 
  6. Select flip horizontal to mirror the image. 

You can also use other features of the app and make your image eye-catching. 

I hope this article will help you and you will get the job done. Stay with us for more tech stuff.