Are you tired of searching for a way to install google chrome on firestick but cannot find any helpful guide? Then you are in the right place. Please read this tutorial until it ends. And I am going to show you how to install chrome on firestick step by step let us begin. 

How to install chrome on firestick? 

Enable side-loading 

So first, what you must do is you need to turn on apps from an unknown source. Without this, we cannot sideload any application on our firestick. If you are an Android user, you may have already done these types of works. To do this on firestick follow the below instructions. 

  1. Just hover to settings 
  2. Slide down and click on my fire tv 
  3. And here again, slide down and click on developer options. 
  4. Here you will find two options Install apps from an unknown source and secure mode. select Install apps from an unknown source. 
  5. A warning message will appear on your screen just ignore it. 

Install downloader 

So, as you can see apps from an unknown source have been enabled. 

Now go back home screen by pressing the remote home button and here we need to install the downloader app that is used to download third-party applications. Without it, you will not be able to download it. Through this app, we will install the google chrome browser on our first stick. So, how to find it? 

  1. Slide down and click on search and type downloader. 
  2. When you type two, three words season app list will appear. 
  3. So, slide down and click on the downloader. 
  4. Now click on the orange color downloader icon. 

The next screen is going to give us the ability to download many apps on your Firestick device. So, how to download that app. 

  1. Just click on the download button and the downloader app will start downloading.  
  2. Just wait for it until it is downloaded. 
  3. And it will be installed automatically. 

So, now as you can see downloader app has been installed.  

  1. Select open to launch. 
  2. When you launch the downloader for the first time, a dialog will appear asking permission to access photos media, and files. So just select allow.  
  3. And then click on ok to dismiss quick start guide.  

Install chrome 

So, the next one is the home screen of the downloader app that is only a simple box there and some menus on the left side.  

  1. So just hover to the small box. 
  2. And press the remote select button to launch the keyboard. 
  3. Now type your google chrome browser URL address. 
  4. Exactly as it is showing on your screen, after typing the URL address, slide down and click on the go button. 
  5. And it will be connecting to the server. 

After that google chrome browser will be downloaded in few seconds. It depends on how strong your internet connection is. 

After it is downloaded, the installation section will appear on your screen. So here, 

  1. Click on the install button 

And nowhere is the chrome browser app has been installed.  

  1. Now click on the done button 

And delete the downloaded file because we don’t need it anymore. Just click on delete. 

How to setup chrome on firestick 

  1. And again, after building a backup file, hold the home button for few seconds. 
  2. Click on apps and there you will find all applications that are installed on your amazon firestick device. So, slide down and stop at the chrome browser. 
  3. And press the remote option button right. 
  4. Side menus appear on your screen so, slide down and click on move to the front. 
  5. And there as you will see chrome browser app is in front of your all amazon applications. 
  6. Now press the remote select button to launch. 
  7. When you launch the google chrome browser the first time, this section will appear on yours. the screen that welcomes you. So, there click on accept and continue. 

So next you will see the home screen of the google chrome browser. Now you can use this method to install a chrome firestick device. 

What is better? Chrome cast or firestick 

TV sticks are handy tools. They allow you to watch your favorite content in high-resolution and many other features like cloud gaming. Chrome cast and Firestick are two competitors in the TV stick market. Many people search which is the best one of them. 

Manufacture and OS 

Both chrome cast and firestick are from the two biggest companies in the world. Chrome cast is from google. It runs google tv which is an Android tv. Firestick is from Amazon and it also runs a based version of Android tv. Users can enjoy a lot of features because they both have Android tv. Especially we can sideload apps which were allowed us to install chrome on firestick. 


As the competition goes, chrome cast and firestick have roughly the same price. It may vary from one region to another. Firestick is priced at $ 39.99 while chrome cast is $49.99.  

Loading times 

Firestick is starts faster than chrome cast. May be due to the number of content suggestions in chrome cast. However, apps like Netflix load quickly on chrome cast. Firestick takes slightly for time to load Netflix. 


They both have Android tv based operating systems so, the interfaces look similar. But firestick shows apps up on the suggestion contents while in chrome cast they are below the suggestions. The chrome cast interface is beautiful than firestick, especially with Google’s designs. 


Chrome cast has google stadia which is dying now and other cloud gaming services. Amazon has its amazon luna cloud gaming service. I prefer chrome cast if you are willing to play games on the tv.  


Firestick doesn’t come up with a chrome browser but we can sideload it. To do that we have to install a downloader and then install chrome. With chrome, you can enjoy some other features. Chrome cast is an alternative to firestick. 

I hope this article helps you. See here for more technical stuff