Revolution begins with smartphones came to TVs in a short period. It allows limitless entertainment for the home. Streaming services quickly took a part in smart TVs. Vizio is smart TV manufacture. Many people ask how to get web browser on Vizio smart TV. We dug it deep. Here is what we found.  

Vizio smart TV’s come with almost every streaming service pre-installed. But sadly, it does not include a web browser. What we found is we have no direct ways to get web browsers on Vizio smart. But we managed to find some solutions. So, look at it. 

How to connect the tv to the Internet 

First, we need to connect the tv to the Internet. This can be done by wired or wireless like any device. 


The traditional way to connect a device to the internet. Follow these steps. 

  1. First, you should connect the ethernet cable to the TV. 
  2. Open the menu in your TV by pressing menu button on the remote. 
  3. Now, look for connection option in the menu. Go to it and press ok to locate the menu. 
  4. Select the wired connection option from the list. 
  5. Now, your Vizio smart TV connected with your wired network. 
  6. Close the menu. 


Many people use wi-fi instead of ethernet because it easy. Several devices can connect to a router without any cable. This is how connect your Vizio tv using wi-fi. 

  1. Like before press the menu button from your Vizio smart TV remote first. 
  2. Now, look for connection option in the menu. Go to it and press ok to locate the menu. 
  3. After that, select the Network option, then go to the wireless option. 
  4. Find wi-fi and select it.  
  5. Now select your hotspot and enter the password or other details. 
  6. Now your Smart TV relates to your Wi-Fi network. 

How to get web browser on Vizio smart TV 

As I said before, there is no way to get a web browser on your Vizio smart TV. However, you can watch your favorite content on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime or whatever streaming service that preinstalled. But we have a solution for some of your problems.

Connect another device to the TV. 

For example, you can connect your PC and its screen via a HDMI cable. This allows you to experience all the features you had in PC in a bigger screen. If you do not like using cables, then you can connect it wireless. You can even cast your mobile phone screen to the TV. Now you can use browser. 

Get it on Play Store. 

One reason many people want a web browser on their smart tv is to install apps. But it does not require a web browser. Vizio smart TVs comes with a built-in chrome cast feature. Using this feature, we can access google play store and download apps.  

  1. As always, check if the Vizio TV is connected to the Internet. 
  2. Then press the “V” button on your Vizio TV remote. 
  3. On pressing it, an app bar will open a pop-up on your screen. The interface will be like that preinstalled apps directory in Vizio Smart TV. 
  4. Then, go to Play Store in your Vizio Smart TV. If not installed, go through a web browser. 
  5. Now, Search for Spectrum App. We consider it only for an example. 
  6. Look for the spectrum from the browsed result. 
  7. Find it and install it. 
  8. The app will start to download, and then the installing process will begin. 
  9. Once the installation is done, open the Spectrum App and Sign in if you have a spectrum account already, then log in. 

Why Vizio TVs does not come with a web browser. 

Most of the TVs in the word are now consider as smart TVs. But there is not a definition to it. Smart phones are not like that. Both iOS and Android phones are designed for do same tasks. But some smart TVs are android, and they have many options that smart phones have like web browsers web cameras. But TVs like Vizio smart TV does not have a browser. We cannot find a fair reason why they do it, but we assume it because they think many people only use smart TVs for streaming purpose. 

Alternative TV brands for Vizio 

Vizio is a brand that cam competes with tech giants in the industry. But lack of features like this makes customers to do not buy it.  


Hisense is a multinational domestic appliance and electronics company based on China. Their major product is TVs. Hisense is the largest TV manufacture in China. They invented first true 8k 10-bit TV in 2020. It has a HDR algorithm and 6.5 T computing power. Some Hisense TVs are far better than their competitors TVs. 


TCL is also a multi-national company in China. They bringing you joy and simplicity through the thoughtful execution of technology. TCL have many series if TVs. These are containing various of features and screen sizes. Their panels are good. 


You may herd this brand. Roku is famous for streaming devices. They are manufacturing good TVs too. Roku TV is next level. They are easy to setup. Simple remote. And they are very well in the special part of a smart tv. Software. The provide software update frequently. They keep your TV without bugs or other problems. 


Toshiba is a part of Hisense which is I talked above. Toshiba got wide range of TVs. They got Android TVs which gives you a ton of features. They got digital TVs and USB TVs. For those who don’t like Vizio, Toshiba is a very good option. 

So there is no legal way to use full browser on Vizio smart TV. But you can watch and do anything with other apps. We told you how to install them. So, I hope you understand and remember those. Stay with us. Read more