Instant message services are very famous nowadays. It is hard to find anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection that do not use instant message services. Low cost, fast delivery, and various features are the reasons behind it. More people use them more questions are raised. One of them is how to delete a wave in messenger.  

How to delete wave in messenger mobile app. 

Most messenger users use it on their mobile. It is simple and easy. So how do you uninstall a wave in the messenger app? 

  1. Open the messenger app on your android or iOS phone.  
  2. You can see your chat list now. Scroll down until you found the one who you sent the wave and tap it. 
  3. Now tap and hold the wave you sent for few, seconds. You may have to scroll if you sent more messages after the wave. 
  4. Now you can see many options. Tap the remove icon. It looks like a trash can. You can find it by the title ‘Remove’.  
  5. Then you can see two options popped up. One says remove for you and the other says unsent. Remove for you means you will not see the wave, but the other users can see it. unsent means the message is completely removed by both users. 
  6.  Tap on unsent. 

Make sure you did this on time. This is useless if the user has already seen the wave. Also, the wave should be removed in less than 10 minutes from it sent. You cannot back the wave if 10 minutes have passed. 

How to delete wave in messenger web in desktop. 

Some instant messages require a mobile to use WhatsApp. To even use their handling ants, you must keep your phone online. But messenger is opened to use on a web browser. It is very useful when you are handling a business on messenger. You can handle more chats easily with a desktop. Follow the below instructions to delete the wave in the messenger web interface.  

  1. Open Chrome or your preferred browser on the desktop. 
  2. What the Facebook site ( or you can visit messenger to directly. 
  3. Click the messenger icon. You can find it on the top menu. It has a famous messenger icon. 
  4. Now you can see your chat list. Scroll down and select the chat you sent the wave. 
  5. Find the wave. 
  6. You can see three dots left side of every message. Click three dots of the wave. 
  7. You can see two options now. The first one says remove. Another one says forward. Click on remove. 
  8. Then two options will pop up. Everything well explained in it so choose unsent for everyone. 

How to delete wave in messenger windows app 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, video conferencing services skyrocket in net worth. To compete with services like zoom, Facebook developers their messaging service for big screens. You can use every messenger feature here. How to back a wave here? 

  1. Open messenger on your PC. 
  2. Select the chat you sent the wave. 
  3. Find the wave in the messages. 
  4. Right-click on it. 
  5. Select remove. 
  6. Select remove for everyone. 

Why are these waves? 

The messenger app has a ton of features to make communication better. But some users find out some features are tricky and unwanted. In most cases, the wave is for start a conversation with your new friends. When you added a new friend on Facebook, that person shows up in the messenger with a wave and the app told us to wave back. This is a one-time task. But you can also wave at someone who you already chat with.  

How to wave at someone who already chats with you in messenger? 

Mobile app 

  1. Open messenger app on your mobile phone. 
  2. Instead of going to the chat, tab the second icon at the bottom bar. Icon looks like two people. 
  3. Now you can see active users in messenger at the movement. Tap on the grey hand icon lest to the user. 

However, with the recent updates, this option is now unavailable on many devices. 


In the past, when you move the cursor to the contact list in the right of the Facebook web interface, you can see a grey hand next to the contact the cursor at. But now this option is unavailable. We said about the messenger windows app above. Unfortunately, it does not have this feature too. 

Other options 

Since this wave is not available in most cases, people find alternative methods for this. The best option is sending an emoji. 

  1. Open Messenger on your mobile or any other preferred platform. 
  2. Open the chat you want to send wave. 
  3. You can see a smiley face in the right corner of the text box. Click on it. 
  4. It selected stickers by default. Select the emoji icon on the top bar. 
  5. Now you can see all emojis. You should scroll down to find the wave emoji. When you find click on it.  

Now the wave is successfully sent. This method can use for any operating system.  

How to disable wave in messenger? 

Many people do not like wave function. Some users hate it. Facebook also understood this. That is why they are removing this function. Is there a way to disable this function? Sadly, there is no way to disable it. The only thing you can do is delete it as I said.  

Is the wave button still available? 

In 2021, the wave button is completely gone. Now the only way to wave is to use eave emoji. Facebook developed messenger to a simpler design. Updates start to come in 2020 march.  

Messenger is a very useful social media app. One of its features is the wave button. Users often send waves accidentally. Following our instruction, you can delete those waves before the receiver sees them. But with the latest updates of messenger, this feature is all gone. So you won’t need to search how to delete wave in messenger again. But you want to know more about tech tutorials. So stay with us. Read more