PayPal is used by many for their online transactions. It is a secure and easy way to pay, send, receive money. It became a standard payment method several years back and now PayPal available in many countries. They are expanding their services for not only government currencies but also cryptocurrencies. If you want, how to block someone on PayPal? 

Reasons to block someone on PayPal 

Blocking someone on internet is a common thing. People block others who make trouble for them on social media. Sometime the social media platform blocks their users for not act according to terms and conditions. So as a social media user you should be familiar with this 

But why do you block someone on PayPal? Are there fair reasons to do that? Well, that is up to you. If you want to block some on block him/her. But in some situations, there are people you should block you don’t think you should. I can list some. 

  • Someone trying to scam you. 
  • Some users making trouble on your PayPal chat. 
  • Someone that you no longer want to receive payments or messages. 
  • if you don’t like someone message you. 

Other than above reasons, if you feel unsafe, blocking that user is a vice move. 

How to block someone on PayPal correctly 

The steps you should follow different whether you use the website or the mobile app. 

For website 

If you are on the website, follow these steps 

  1. Go to contacts. You can find it at the top of the page. 
  2. Now you can see your contacts. Choose the user you want to block. 
  3. Click block this contact in the options. 
  4. To confirm you want to block that person, click block 

For mobile app 

PayPal mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users. If you are using it, follow these steps 

  1. In the app, tap send button. 
  2. Now you must scroll your contact list and find the one you want to block. 
  3. When you found to tap the more options icon next to their names. 
  4. Tap block. 
  5. To confirm you want to block that person, click the block. 

Now you have blocked that person. They’ll no longer be able to send you money, message you, or find you in the PayPal directory which means you are safe now. 

How to unblock someone on PayPal 

You may block a user because of the reasons above or accidentally. But you want to unblock that person now. There can be several reasons for this. 

  • You had misunderstood someone. 
  • An offender accepts his/her mistake and you forgive. 
  • You really want to make a transaction. 
  • It was an accident 

Unblocking a person is simple as blocking a person. First, you want to visit the website and then follow the steps below. 

  1. You must log in to PayPal Manager. 
  2. Now click on account administration to use administrative access. 
  3. Under manage security, you will see carding prevention, click on that. 
  4. Select Not Block under Enable Carding Prevention. 

It will take roughly 5 minutes for changes to take effect. After that, the user allowed to transactions to be accepted and return your account to normal processing. Also, He/she can message you just like before. 

Type of scammers you should block on PayPal 

There is a process when you purchase something with a PayPal payment. They receive the buyer’s money and hold it temporarily until the merchant adds tracking details on his PayPal. This process created to protect buyers. But unfortunately, some fraudsters use it to scam people. 

They send you an email. It is from PayPal and it says they made the payment to buy some item. There is a link in that email to go and add tracking details. This email is a fake one. That link is also directing you to a fake website that looks like the PayPal site. You can find out that by reading it. There are grammar errors always in it. 

Unfortunately, some merchants are fooled by those fraudsters. You can see it on the PayPal community forums. They click on that link and add the tracking details on that fake website. After some time, they realize what happened, but it is too late. There is nothing they can do at that point. 

If you received an email like that, please don’t click it. Don’t let that fraudster win. 

PayPal alternative 

Even though PayPal is a secure and easy payment method, some buyers and merchants have issues with it. Common scams one of them. You can use PayPal without getting in trouble if you follow their instruction. But for you, I will tell you about PayPal alternatives. 


Stripe is a good payment PayPal alternative. It has 30 cents+ 2.9% for each transaction which matches the PayPal charges. But their international rates are good for merchants. With a 3.9% international transaction fee, it beat PayPal’s 4.5%, but it has a 1% currency conversion fee. Stripe is a developer-friendly service. They offer two WordPress plugins. 


Payolee is an easy way to transfer money. It is better than PayPal in terms of merchant transaction fees. Payolee charges 2.9% while PayPal earns 4.5%. It is easy to set up. Only goes 5 minutes. Payolee supports both one-time and recurring payments. Buttons are easy and customizable. They even have a donate button. This PayPal alternative is the best choice for product or services selling websites. 


Skrill, also known as a money booker, is used to transfer money across countries. It has no deposit or withdrawal fee. Sending and receiving money is completely free. But there is one disadvantage, Skrill has an inactivity fee. If you didn’t use it for one year you will charge $5. But overall, it is a good PayPal alternative. 


Payoneer started at the same time PayPal started. It is most popular one next to PayPal, but more countries can use both paying and receiving on Payoneer. They have two types of accounts One free and other one has a little cost buy give you a debit card. 

Now you know how to block someone on PayPal and how to unblock. We told you another related thing too. Stay with us for more helpful tutorials. Read more