Here we are with another spice. This time it is wasabi. Wasabi has a powerful, spicy, and potent ingredient. What’s better than a sushi roll correlates with wasabi. It has some health benefits which make wasabi sound like a safe food. It’s true wasabi is safe but for humans. Can dogs eat wasabi?

The short answer to ‘Can dogs eat wasabi?’

They can’t. 

Wasabi is not toxic for dogs. But you must never give wasabi to your dog. If you are familiar with our articles, you already know spices are not good for them. Spices can harm a dog’s digestive system. They can hurt your dog’s mouth and stomach. Dear dog lovers, please avoid them by eating wasabi.

Is quantity matter?

Quantity is a fact for how much damage it does for the dog. But it doesn’t matter for bad effects. Even though it is a small amount, still wasabi can hurt your dog. It’s like humans eating hot chilies. If you eat a lot of them, you will probably get some issues. But a normal amount will only be able to cause a mouth.

On the other hand, I don’t think a dog eats a lot of wasabi. When the dog eats wasabi, it will feel inflammation immediately. But all dogs are not the same. Some dogs can hold it for a certain time. But most of them will feel the inflammation quickly. They will react. So, you should keep away your dog from wasabi.

Keep the dog away from wasabi

You can do several things to save your loved pet from wasabi. The first thing is to store them in a place that dogs can’t reach. A refrigerator should be fine. If you don’t like that option very much, you can keep them on a high shelf. Dogs are animals that use to search for hidden things. You may think this makes nonsense. But you don’t have to hide anything. You only have to make sure the dog can’t eat wasabi.

Wasabi can also come with some foods. Foods like sushi rolls which I mentioned above. Apply the same methods as above to hide them until you eat. When you are eating, keep eye on your dog. Dogs are very clever in snatching food very quickly. And take that food with you when you have to go somewhere in the house. Don’t leave the dog and wasabi alone. 

There is another chance for your dog. After you ate the food, it can lick the plate. This happens often. In a situation like that, don’t be panic. I told you that wasabi is not toxic. So, it is possible to recover without the help of a vet. But if the dog is in too dangerous condition call your vet and take medical help.

How to find out if the dog has eaten wasabi?

The best way to if the dog has eaten wasabi is to watch its activities. The dog will probably not like the taste of wasabi. It will try to get out the taste from its mouth. For example, remember a time you ate awful food. You should have a spat. Now in this situation, dogs are like that. Their reaction is quite different than humans.

The dog will try to rub its snout, face, and mouth all over the floor. If wasabi is tied to his nose its feels like burning. The dog will try to lick their lips and sneeze in a row. It will be seeking water because spice including wasabi can cause dehydration. Dehydrating can kill a human. So please concern about that and give your pet what it needs.

When wasabi her dogs too much they run around and pace. One another sign is dogs try to drop their ears and put their tail between their legs. If you see any, these are all signs your dog does not like wasabi. It is likely it is hurting their mouth, nose, and stomach.

What should do if it has eaten wasabi?

As I said, don’t panic. Wasabi is not toxic. Follow our instructions to recover your dog without a veterinarian’s help. 

  1. You should make sure that the dog has eaten wasabi by the signs mentioned above.
  2. Your dog needs water. Give it access to the water immediately.
  3. Even though wasabi is not toxic, it can be very dangerous for dogs with certain medical conditions. If your dog suffers from kidney or gastrointestinal diseases and ate wasabi, it’s better to take it to a vet.
  4. Wait for the dog to get well. If it doesn’t then call the vet.

Health benefits 

Wasabi has some health benefits. But that is not a good reason for risking an animal’s life.

Before saying anything about health benefits, I want to show you the nutrition profile of wasabi. In 130g of wasabi include these nutritions.

  • Carbohydrates: 30.6 g 
  • Protein: 6.2 g Fat: 0.8 g 
  • Zinc: 2.1 mg (14% of DV)
  • Fiber: 10.1 g 
  • Vitamin C: 5 mg (91% of DV) 
  • Manganese: 0.5 mg (25% of DV) 
  • Iron: 1.3 mg (7% of DV)
  • Magnesium: 89.7 mg (22% of DV) 
  • Potassium: 738 mg (21% of DV) 
  • Calcium: 166 mg (17% of DV) 
  • Thiamine: 0.2 mg (11% of DV) 
  • Copper: 0.2 mg (10% of DV)
  • Phosphorus: 104 mg (10% of DV) 
  • Calories: 142 (7% of DV)
  • Riboflavin: 0.1 mg (9% of DV) 
  • Vitamin B6: 0.4 mg (18% of DV) 

These are the benefits.

  1. Wasabi can prevent food poisoning. This property is already used by the Japanese for medical purposes.
  2. Consuming wasabi can control cholesterol. We know cholesterol causes several diseases. So, this means, controlling other diseases such as stroke and atherosclerosis.
  3. The anti-aging benefits of wasabi are very interesting. Wasabi included 6-methylthiohexyl isothiocyanate (6-MSITC). It is a sulfinyl compound that helps the body lower reactive oxygen. They direct link with many cancers and weakening of the body.

Wasabi is not toxic but dogs can’t eat them. If the dog ate wasabi he will probably try to out the taste of it from the mouth. Now you know the answer to “Can dogs eat wasabi?”

I hope this information will help you. Stay with us. There are a lot of articles that have to come.